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Master Keyed Systems

  • Effective Key Control is essential to the success of any high security lock system. At Calvert Safe & Lock we supply Master Keyed Systems where each lock has its own individual key which cannot operate any other locks in the system, but where all locks can be operated by one master key. This places the security control of a building or group of buildings under the jurisdiction of designated individuals in charge.

    High Security Master Keyed Systems – Uncompromising Security

    Our Master Keyed Systems enable facilities to access dead bolts, mortise locks, pad locks and even electronic access control systems, further reducing the number of keys to be tracked. With millions of combinations available, these systems can be easily designed to accommodate even the largest facilities.

    If security, simplicity and key control are your primary concern, choose a Master Keyed System designed and installed by Calvert Safe & Lock, New Englands largest supplier of High Security locking systems.

    • – Absolute access control to any room in your company or building
    • – Expand when necessary without changing all your locks
    • – Change individual room keys without affecting the master key
    • – Medeco, Schlage, ASSA and other keyways available