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Electronic Access

Calvert Safe & Lock offers the finest Electronic Access Systems on the market today. Our stand alone, battery powered locks are specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial, institutional and government installations, but can be adapted to most any application. Locks can be programmed to open and lock at pre-determined times, eliminating the need to provide security codes to employees, and can be easily programmed for multiple users. Contact one of our Electronic Security Specialists today to discuss a state of the art Electronic Security System custom tailored to your specific needs.

– Electric Strikes to accommodate virtually every type of lockset on the market

– Electromagnetic Locks for High Security or Traffic Control applications

– Simple, easy to use design

– Systems available from stand alone to five hundred units or more

– 80,000 activations or two to three years of use before batteries need to be replaced

– Weather resistant gaskets provide additional protection for external applications